Membership Packages

February 4, 2018

Membership Packages

The club owns, well trained and docile horses to suit requirements i.e ladies hacks, ponies & officers change of all age groups.

Riding facilities are provided for both adults & children.

Riding lessons are imparted by experienced riding instructors. Special attention is paid to the beginners.

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  1. Membership is effective from the date of the first lesson.
  2. Members are entitled to two rides every week, each of one-hour duration, eight rides in a month.
  3. Members may request for rescheduling in case of absence of a ride, Rescheduling of the ride may be allowed at the discretion of club which will be based upon availability of slots.
  4. Members are requested to report five minutes before the class, in order to ensure the timely start of the class.
  5. Friends and parents are requested not to distract their wards during the class. They are welcome to watch from outside the rinding ring.
  6. One particular horse cannot be assigned to one member every time. Such request from the member will not be entertained.
  7. If no confirmation of absence is given by the member for more than 1 month, membership will be canceled and after will be forfeited.
  8. The club is closed on National & Gazetted Holidays ( 26 January, 15 August & 2 October ) & Diwali, Dussehra & Holi These holidays are counted and no compensatory ride will be given.
  9. In case a member intense to resign he/she shall give at least 30 days notice of such intention.
  10. Adult rides are at their own risk. Children are at their parents’risk.
  11. Adults should submit residential poof & birth certificate for Children.
  12. The form changes of Rs.100/- will be adjusted against the riding fees.
  13. Above 40 years have to submit the medical certificate for fitness.


Hard hats. Jodhpur’s, jeans or breeches. ankle closed Shoes with leather sole and heels.


Admission Fees(Non Refundable)
Monthly Riding twice a week
a) Adult each 10,100/- 9000/- 19100/-
b) Children 4-15 Year 7100/- 7000/- 14100/-
Duration of each ride : One hour
a) Adults 1700/- Hour
b) Children 7-14 Year 1500/Hour
c) Children 4-7 Year 750/ Half Hour


  1. All payments to be made in advance by cash or cheque to Delhi riding club.
  2. In case a member does for a holiday for one month or more, a retainer fee of Rs.2500/- per month will be changed, in advance provided management is informed minimum of seven days in advance.
  3. Riding fees are liable to be revised from time as decided by the management.
  4. The riding fee changes are hardly sufficient to cover the maintenance expense of the horses.As such, voluntary donations are most welcome for the purchase of new Horses & Ponies.


Founded in 1968 by Captan Kundan Singh
Safdarjung Road, Near DID New Delhi 110003


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Head Office

House -1, Near DID Safdarjung Road, Behind Safdarjung Tomb,
Lodhi Road, Central Delhi

Manager - Mr. Pradeep Kumar
Contact No. +91 - 767 811 9607


Phone : 011 2301 1891 | Mobile : +91 767 811 9607 |